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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Guy Thomas

Great Bear Art by Guy Thomas

Here are a few words he wrote about his work:
"Very early on the visual media became the obvious choice for me, a sensual way to express deep sentiments and perhaps to put a little light in the shadows of life…

Drawing the male figure and doing full body portrait – capturing the essence of a particular moment– has been at the center of my artist's life and feelings! Yet, when I was young I was very attracted to the strange strength emanating from the old masters portraits. The intimacy of these tender moments expressed frankly and without guise was extremely powerful. This simple essence of life is what drove me to portraiture.

Years later I found myself spending all my time drawing and painting strong anatomy, sexy and charming figures.
Like caresses sliding on paper the sweet sound of my color pencils… Sensuality and spirit are very essential to my work. This is my way of thanking Mother Nature for all the grace and pleasure she gives us with Bears.

I think that now many people enjoy my portraits because of their realism in which I like to instill a sweet and sensual vision of our intimacy. A fleeting glimpse of a loving deep instant, trying to follow the wave of a caress, far and deep into the soul…!"

Currently living and working in Paris, I had my artworks showcased a big number of times last ten years in many European Bear places and got them edited in famous Bear Magazines such as Eurobear, 100%Beef Mag...
I do enjoy now a great part of my work with portraits on order which are really meaningful for me as an "Art of Meeting". Hugs!
Guy Thomas