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Friday, October 29, 2010

The Erotic art of MSSF

The Erotic art of MSSF


Unknown said...

great posts once again! it was along time i did not visist you, but it was for personal things that are going on my life...
My favourite since I visited you last time is that Jim Jim Bear. his drawings are BIG and so hot at the same time.
This last post is spectacular, i really would like to know how Mssf does his drawings
I´m also planning to start a bear zodiac series... hehehehe...
I would be checking how yours goes

bear's art said...

Thanks for the feedback, Pau, it's much appreciated. I hope everything goes well with your life.
As for the zodiac series I started, I'm not sure I'll finish it now. Or if I will I'll try different styles of drawing. Anyway, I'll see how that goes on the next drawing that will be Sagittarius.