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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Christophe Jannin

Christophe Jannin, one of my favorite artists, a postmodern Mucha if you want...Anyway, be sure to check his blog also.


Unknown said...

Muchá is one of my favourites!!!
I also like the style of this guy.
nice to see you posting again some drawings

bear's art said...

Thanks Pau! I appreciate your comments, it gets me motivated to keep posting when I have the time or find a new artist. I also like Mucha a lot, in fact I like Art Nouveau not only in painting but also architecture or sculpture.
I found Christophe a few years ago on the internet. Those were among the first bear drawings I ever saw and I was really impressed by his work. I still am in fact. And I'm glad I can share that on my blog.