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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Photography - Blake Little, The Company of Men

Blake Little

More photos here

Blake about the project: “I wanted to start a new series yet I was bored with photographing nudes, I wanted to take photographs that captured the strength and integrity of each individual, distilling exactly what I find compelling about men into a photograph without showing everything. I also wanted to document a particular type of masculine gay male that I appreciated and related to but that I did not see photographed anywhere else; an alternative to stereotypes or what is usually seen as the physical ideal of a man in the mainstream.

I started photographing my friends and then friends of friends all over the country. I was able to connect with this large network of men who share similar sensibilities. I photographed them using the same process that I have developed over the past 20 years as a celebrity portrait photographer but WITH several important differences . I photographed them completely on my own ,with only natural light , in their own clothes and in their own homes (or near where they live), choosing environments that complemented the subject or told a story. I photographed these guys more instinctively, reacting to the way they made me feel.”

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