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Thursday, December 2, 2010

old sketches 1

Going on through my stuff I found some very old sketches. I totally forgot about them but I'm gonna scan them and post here. There's more to come.


Unknown said...

HEHEHEHEH,, it´s very interesting finding out the old sketches..hahaha.. GRWOOFF!! i would like to see something new from you.. because these ones are so explicir and hot..
BIG HUGS, bud!

bear's art said...

Hey Pau, I'm afraid you won't see new bear related stuff from me too soon. But I have more old ones to scan hehehe I'm glad you like them, I gave some thought if I should show them or not... :D

Chris Lopez said...

Hummmm... That's naughty

bear's art said...

hehe yeah, I know...even I'm surprised >:)