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Monday, February 28, 2011

Chris Komater

Chris Komater

From his installation, "Garden" :
For the installation, Garden, I approached the gallery, and my subject--the large hairy male body--from the perspective of a garden designer, one who shapes nature into artifice. Working against an idea of masculinity expressed in grunts and clothed in plaid, the male bodies found in the installation are taken apart and rearranged as formal garden elements, contextualized in a landscape filled with flowers, blossoms, and the sounds of merry men.
My garden includes close-up color photographs of plum blossoms, roses, and spider webs, as well as images of hairy bodies arranged to look like flowers, Italian cypresses, bolts of lightning from spring showers, and classical garden sculpture. A sound piece utilizes the sounds of men giggling, very softly, to mimic the effect of a water feature, adding an element of whimsy and romance to the garden.



Unknown said...

these pics are great!!
the ones of Jack and Mark sooooo hot!!!
well.. Jack Radcliffe is just Jack Radcliffe.. a real bear god!!!!
HUGS, buddy

bear's art said...

yes, I think Chris has very interesting projects, I should have known about his art before but well, it's never too late to learn about cool artists. And yes, Jack is an icon of the bear culture. Big Hugs Pau !